Contractor’s Rules & Regulations

  • Building Rules and Regulations for Interior Construction

  • Customers, Contractor/Subcontractors, Suppliers, Material Men, etc., shall be advised of the following building rules and regulations concerning their proper conduct within the building. It is the Contractor's responsibility to ensure everyone reads and understands these rules and regulations. Ignorance of same is not a waiver of liability or responsibility. Failure to comply with any of these rules may result cancellation of your contract and/or removal of your employees and/or subtrades from the premises. The General Contractor is ultimately responsible for the conduct of Subcontractors.
    Important Contact Information
    • The GI Property Management Engineering Manager Contact on site is Jeff Pace: (206) 404-8007
    1. No one shall be allowed to endanger the buildings, its premises or its occupants in any manner whatsoever. If such a situation occurs, the Contractor, Subcontractor, supplier, etc. shall immediately take steps to correct and eliminate the hazardous condition. In the event that the Contractor's personnel fail to perform in a satisfactory manner, KOMO Plaza Management reserves the right to immediately take steps to remedy the hazard at the Contractor's expense.
    2. KOMO Plaza is equipped with a freight elevator or an elevator designated to serve all floors. All Tenant Improvement Contractors and Contractor personnel are to use only these elevators for transportation of men, materials and equipment. At all times protective padding/covering will be employed. No personnel or equipment are permitted within the finished passenger cabs without the proper protection in place. Those elevators not allocated for contractor use are reserved for the occupants of the building and their guests. If any Contractor personnel are found in the passenger cars with tool belts, material, equipment or tool chests, the elevators will be immediately inspected for damage and all damages, whether a result of said use or not, shall be corrected by KOMO Plaza Management at Contractor's expense. In addition, the following fines will be imposed on any individual violating these rules.
      • First offense: $300
      • Second offense: $600
      • Third offense: The individual will be asked to leave the site. In the event the freight elevator or designated elevator is not operable, KOMO Plaza Management should be notified and will prepare another elevator for use.
    3. When working on a tenant occupied floor, all deliveries are to be accepted, moved and delivered to the contracted suite by 7:00 a.m. When accepting deliveries, masonite must be laid to protect floor finishes. Installation of ¾” plywood underlayment is required for any load in excess of 500 lbs.
    4. All storage and/or stocking of materials in excess of 500 pounds shall be reviewed and approved by KOMO Plaza management prior to occurrence. Excessive loading will require provisions off-site or in the lower levels of the garage (slab on grade).
    5. All material deliveries shall be made at the loading dock or at another pre-assigned location. All deliveries consisting of bulk material must be made between the hours of 6 PM and 7 AM and must be scheduled with KOMO Plaza Management Office. If deliveries are to be made at other times, approval must be obtained from KOMO Plaza Management Office prior to delivery. At no time will material be transported through the building lobby, plaza or public areas unless specifically authorized in writing.
    6. It is the Contractor's responsibility to keep public areas clean at all times.
    7. All construction waste and debris shall be removed via the freight elevator to the loading dock. Construction waste and debris shall only be removed between the hours of 6 PM to 7 AM. Removal of debris shall not be permitted through Plaza level lobbies. All materials must be taken to the KOMO Plaza East loading dock via freight car(s) at the P-1 parking level. No construction waste or debris may be placed in the building dumpster or compactor. The Contractor will provide for removal of waste and debris from the building at his own expense. If a dumpster is required (space allowing), the location shall be authorized by KOMO Plaza Management prior to installation.
    8. Prior to demolition of any existing material, KOMO Plaza Management and Contractor shall determine which material shall be salvaged for construction stores and which material is to be disposed of by Contractor in accordance with current accepted disposal practices. Items designated for inventory shall be tagged prior to removal, a log of these items made by contractor and a copy of this log sent to KOMO Plaza Management.
    9. No cutting and/or patching of Owner’s premises or installations, or those of any other Building tenant, shall be permitted without prior written consent from KOMO Plaza Management. The building is constructed using post-tensioned concrete floor slabs. Any penetrations or intrusive attachments to these slabs - such as coring, drilling, sawing or powder-actuated fastener systems - could result in severe structural damage to the building. Request for permission to perform any of these operations shall include explicit details and description of work and shall not under any circumstances negatively impact the structural integrity of the Building components or systems. Consent from KOMO Plaza Management is not an assurance that the requested penetration or attachment (saw cut, core drill, etc.) is structurally sound or that the penetration will not affect other building components or systems. Contractor shall hire KOMO Plaza structural engineer to review each proposed structural revision and will require X-ray or equivalent examination of all post-tensioned concrete work at Contractor’s expense. If any work is to be done in another tenant’s space or in any public area, such work is to be done only with the explicit written permission of KOMO Plaza Management and at times as directed by KOMO Plaza Management. Such work is to be done only under the direct supervision of a competent member of the Contractor’s staff. Any such area is to be promptly repaired and returned to a fully functioning, complete and clean condition matching quality, materials and finishes of pre-existing state.
    10. Construction personnel shall at all times maintain the highest level of project cleanliness. All construction debris shall be removed through the service elevator or stairs on a daily basis and shall never be allowed to produce a fire hazard. In the event that the Contractor fails or refuses to keep the demised premises free of accumulated waste, KOMO Plaza Management reserves the right to enter said premises and remove the debris at the Contractor's expense. In addition, all public areas, i.e., corridors, restrooms, janitor's closets, etc., shall be maintained and kept free of construction debris, dust, etc. Any flammable or hazardous materials (i.e., paint) may only be stored on premises with permission of KOMO Plaza Management who shall designate an area for such storage.
    11. Filters shall be installed over all return air openings on floors under construction. Contractor shall first review with the GI Property Management Project Management and then close all HVAC openings and cover them with filter media approved by KOMO Plaza Management. These should remain in place during construction and be maintained by the contractor until acceptance of substantial completion by GI Property Management. If building filters or equipment requires replacement or cleaning due to construction dust, the Contractor will be charged.
    12. Contractor shall separate construction areas from other building areas with appropriate barriers. Such separation shall include, but not be limited to, sealing supply and return air plenums and shaft openings from construction areas; removal and re-installation of smoke detectors; and dampened walk-off mat at all doorways to construction area. This is to prevent the spread of construction dust and fumes into supply or return air passages or circulated return air. In addition, these measures help prevent unplanned activation of the facility’s fire protection and life safety systems. No covering or “Capping” of smoke detectors will be allowed. All deactivation of the building fire protection systems must be restored nightly and all system(s) restored to normal operation, with the cooperation and knowledge of KOMO Plaza Management. If these systems cannot be restored, the Contractor, working with KOMO Plaza Management, must post a “fire watch” until the start of the next day’s work activity. No hot work (I.e. work involving high temperatures, open flame, or sparks) is to be performed during periods of sprinkler impairment, and no 2 consecutive floors shall have areas of sprinkler or suppression impairment. No activities shall be performed during normal building hours that are potentially hazardous to the health of building occupants or guests. (See “KOMO Plaza Life Safety Procedures for Tenant Construction” for additional information).
    13. Specific rest rooms will be designated for Contractor use. No one is permitted to use the janitorial closets without KOMO Plaza Management's permission. Anyone found using restrooms or janitorial closets other than those specified will be subject to dismissal. Upon completion of each tenant improvement, the Contractor will be responsible for final clean of the facilities used and restoring the facility to its original state.
    14. All corrective work or work performed in occupied spaces at any time must be scheduled and approved by KOMO Plaza Management and must be immediately cleaned up by the workmen prior to their leaving the job or at the end of the business day if the project is on-going. The Contractor shall be responsible for all costs incurred by KOMO Plaza Management if this clean-up work is not performed satisfactorily.
    15. Contractor shall verify all dimensions and conditions prior to starting work. Notify GI Property Management Project Management and Architect of discrepancies. Do not scale dimensions from drawings.
    16. All materials used by Contractor shall be new unless otherwise approved, via submittal, in advance by KOMO Plaza Management and shall meet all requirements for the designated use or application.
    17. Use of "pre-stock" or construction inventory items by Contractor is conditioned upon Contractor agreeing to abide by all procedures and guidelines established by KOMO Plaza Management for control and accounting of inventory. KOMO Plaza Management will charge Contractor for any pre-stock or inventory which is unaccounted for at the end of the job.
    18. All traffic control, flagmen, barricades, etc., as may be necessary or required by any agency having jurisdiction, shall be the sole responsibility of and at the expense of Contractor.
    19. All Contractors are to take precautions to prevent the accidental tripping of the fire alarm system. False alarms shall be fines at $650 for each offense.
    20. No gasoline operated devices, i.e., concrete saws, coring machines, welding machines, etc., shall be permitted within the building premises. All work requiring such devices shall be by means of electrically operated substitutes.
    21. All approved gas and oxygen canisters shall be properly chained and supported to eliminate all potential hazards. At the completion of use, said containers shall be removed from the building.
    22. Contractor shall endeavor to protect all common area finishes including building lobbies, elevator lobbies, corridors, restrooms, etc. Contractor shall adequately and properly protect existing HVAC, fire protection and other building systems and equipment during construction. Contractor shall provide protection of exterior window system aluminum stool trim and mullions in tenant spaces. All such protection must be coordinated with KOMO Plaza Management prior to the commencement of any activity.
    23. Please contact KOMO Plaza Management to schedule work on the following building systems: (Any disruption of services will be scheduled at KOMO Plaza Management’s discretion).
      • Domestic water.
      • Fire alarm or speaker.
      • Electrical tie-ins to base building or the addition of equipment to any other than the tenant suite except sub panels located within the tenant premises.
      • Sprinkler system.
      • Any work that will take place outside the demised tenant space.
      • Any tie-ins that may affect other tenant spaces.
      • Any hot work (Grinding/soldering/brazing/welding/etc.) A hot work permit will be issued by Management representative upon completion of required safety prerequisites and inspections.
      Note: If a utility or building alarm is turned off for Contractor's work, Contractor must notify KOMO Plaza Management upon completion so the system can be turned back on as soon as possible. No covers will be allowed on any smoke detection devices and all devices must be confirmed operational before Contractor superintendant leaves for the day.
    24. Construction personnel are not permitted to block open stairway doors and electrical room doors. These doors provide the fire protection required by code. Continued violation of this provision shall be subject to a $200 fine. Janitorial doors shall be kept closed at all times on occupied tenant floors.
    25. onstruction personnel are not permitted to block open doors controlled by card key access. These doors provide the security required by KOMO Plaza. Continued violation of this provision shall be subject to a $200 fine. Janitorial doors shall be kept closed at all times on occupied tenant floors.
    26. Contractors shall provide and keep available a fire extinguisher within the demised premises during construction.
    27. Contractor/Sub-contractor shall inaugurate and maintain an accident prevention program and an employee safety training program. Proof of compliance with OSHA should be submitted to Management Office.
    28. All employees on the job, regardless of whose direct payroll they are on, shall be required to respond to safety instructions from the Contractor's supervision. Persons who do not respond shall be removed from the job.
    29. Respect must be shown to the building tenants at all times. Rude and obscene behavior, including foul and abusive language, will not be tolerated. Offenders will be asked to remove themselves from the premises and shall not be permitted to return.
    30. All employees working on the property must be badged by KOMO Plaza security. Contractor shall provide a list of all personnel working on the property 24 hours prior to arrival. Badges must be worn at all times. Any persons not on the approved Contractor list will be denied access to the property - no exceptions.
    31. Any unbadged guests must check in with KOMO Plaza security prior to entry into the building.
    32. No graffiti or vandalism will be tolerated. Any individual caught in the act shall be immediately removed from the premises and will not be allowed to return. In addition, all repairs will be at the Contractor's expense.
    33. No tobacco smoking or chewing will be permitted in the  building or at building entrances.
    34. No radios or other sound producing equipment will be permitted.
    35. In consideration of other Tenants in the facility, no loud or disruptive construction related activity should be performed during normal building hours (Monday – Friday, between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m.) without the express written approval of the KOMO Plaza Management. GI Property Management reserves the right to withdraw such approval, and, to determine, at its sole discretion, which activities are objectionable.
    36. Wet paint sign must be posted in all public areas when appropriate.
    37. All work that allows fumes and vapors into the air will only be allowed between the hours of 6pm and 6am (Monday - Friday) , Saturday afternoon or all day Sunday. Arrangements must be made through the management office to supply ventilation while this type of work is being performed
    38. Only latex paint is permitted for application within the building. Odorless or low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emission products are required. In all cases, Contractors must arrange with the GI Property Management Project Manager for proper ventilation of the work area to keep fumes out of occupied and common areas. In addition, painting or staining of any kind must not enter the return air pathways for the building ventilation system.
    39. Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) adhesives for carpet tile or cove base shall not be permitted. Low/No VOC adhesives are to be used without exception. Low VOC adhesives must be submitted and approved by KOMO Plaza Management prior to installation.
    40. The underfloor area of KOMO Plaza floors 2 - 6 is a rated plenum. The underfloor cavity must be cleaned prior to completion of any tenant work and prior to final acceptance by KOMO Plaza Management.
    41. No spraying of paint materials shall be allowed within KOMO Plaza without prior written approval by KOMO Plaza Management.
    42. All new work shall comply with the technical standards and requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
    43. Contractor shall provide temporary electrical devices within the demised premises for their Sub-contractor's use. Contractor will not be permitted to run extension cords through public space on occupied floors or through occupied tenant spaces.
    44. All electrical circuits to be from panel on floor where receptacles reside. No circuits may be used from adjacent floors. Provide expansion of circuit capacity for floors as required. Coordinate all such work with GI Property Management property manager.
    45. No horizontal runs (in excess of 24") of conduit within walls
    46. No aluminum wire permitted. Use copper wire only.
    47. Electrical panel to be clearly labeled with all current circuit locations on a new panel schedule provided by the contractor. Provide interim panel schedule showing all changes updated as they occur during construction. Permanent versions of revised panel schedules must be typed and approved by the property manager before installation.
    48. Contractor to clean all dust accumulation from overhead horizontal and vertical surfaces above ceiling line prior to closing ceiling.
    49. The Contractor shall use reasonable measures to minimize energy consumption in the construction area when possible. The Building shall pay for normal electrical consumption during the construction process. All lights and equipment must be extinguished at the end of the Contractor's business day. In the event that the
    50. Contractor continues to leave lights and equipment on during off hours, KOMO Plaza Management reserves the right to receive just compensation for excessive electrical consumption.
    51. Any modifications to the building HVAC systems will require a testing and balancing (TAB) report be submitted prior to the final punch-list walk. Contractor shall ensure that any physical floor plan and/or HVAC zone changes are reflected in the Alerton Building Management Control System (BMCS) graphical user interface (GUI).
    52. Contractor/Sub-contractor may park in designated spaces only and will be charged per the Premises Agreement.
    53. No Contractor shall be allowed to start any work in the building without having a current Certificate of Insurance on file with KOMO Plaza Management. Contractor must keep current insurance certificates on all Sub-contractors. Any Contractor/Sub-contractor performing work found not to have current insurance will be immediately ordered off the premises.
    54. Contractor/Sub-contractor shall obtain and pay for a City Business License.
    55. The Contractor/Sub-contractor shall obtain at his expense, all permits and licenses necessary to perform the work and shall obtain at his expense, all permits and licenses necessary to perform the work and shall comply with all laws, ordinances, State and Federal government regulations, and of any Board or Commission or other duly qualified body.
    56. All work shall be performed in accordance with all applicable laws and the rules and regulations of all City, State and Federal agencies having jurisdiction over the work.
    57. Contractor to maintain an up-to-date SDS file at the jobsite in an area available to all construction personnel. For material or product remaining in place at the conclusion of the work, SDS information is to be provided with the project documents at job close-out.
    58. Contractor shall have on site a first aid kit and type ABC fire extinguisher available to all construction personnel.
    59. Testing lab reports and site inspections will be required for all concrete work to ensure conformance with our specifications.
    60. KOMO Plaza Management reserves the right to inspect work, stop work and/or have a worker removed from the job at any time during the contract.
    61. No work is to be performed, nor materials stored in any area other than suite under construction without prior written authorization. No staging of trucks or materials will be allowed in areas which may affect traffic flow.
    62. All Contractors working over the weekend and after the normal hours shall provide KOMO Plaza Management a list of workers 24 hours prior to the worker being on site or they will be denied access. The list should also include an estimated time the Contractors will be working, the location of the work to be done, the number of employees and the working Supervisor who will be present in the building during the performance of the work.
    63. KOMO Plaza is a fully secure building. Contractor shall be responsible for maintaining jobsite security at all times. This includes monitoring the jobsite entrance while unlocked and securing the jobsite when personnel leave the site.
    64. Rubber wheels are required on all vehicles transporting materials in the Building.
    65. The Contractor will be required to furnish KOMO Plaza Management with a list of Subcontractors prior to commencement of the job. This list will include phone numbers and contacts for each Contractor/Subcontractor, including home and emergency telephone numbers.
    66. The Contractor, or his agent, shall provide safety barricades or cables at floor penetrations.
    67. General Contractor to sign below indicating they have read, understand and will comply with the aforementioned rules.
    These Rules & Regulations may be amended or revised at any time. The amended or revised Rules & Regulations shall become effective upon delivery to Contractor or publication by posting at the project site, whichever is earlier.
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